Christian Eriksen reveals an emergency start-up.

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Manchester United midfielder Christian Eriksen has admitted he has little time to prepare. As he was introduced in place of the injured Marcel Sabitzer in warm-up. But the way the team played made it easy for them in a game that beat Forest 2-0.

“Not much (time to prepare for the game), some of them are even done. It was the last rehearsal. And I got word that Marcel [Sabitzer] was injured, I was told to be ready. I’m not sure.

Christian Eriksen said

“My state of mind is ready. I rested for a while I have to prepare myself. UFABET

“For me it was easy to plug in because of the way we played. There is more space for me in midfield.

“Watching the last 2 games from the bench. We started the game very well. It was a point we didn’t score to keep the game in our hands. But we keep going.

“The whole team impressed me. They maintain concentration and the level can be kept.”

“If you consider the way we started the season. There was a completely different feeling from across the club.

“There are still many games. But we want to do everything we can. We want to clean up Sevilla and then go to the semi-finals.

“I feel great.”