Jose Mourinho slams referees which rejected Roma’s penalty

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Roma boss Jose Mourinho slams referees which rejected the team’s penalty for two strokes together

Rome Wolf Opening home to draw with Bodo Glimt 2-2 in the Conference League Group C on Thursday, having passed four games, Giallorossi is seven points behind the crowd.

“I think the result was very brutal against us,” the Portuguese told ufabet .

“It’s not a good performance. We made too many technical mistakes. Especially in the first half When playing from the defence, every time it goes to Vertout or Derbo, we lose the ball.

“The reality of the game was 2-2, but today there were two clear penalties. see clearly You can say whatever you want. But the reality is 2-2, they have shot on target twice and scored two goals. We scored two goals and two clear penalties were denied.

“I don’t know if they brought in referees who performed poorly or referees who started their careers in the Conference League. I don’t want to say anything about referees in Norway because we lost 1-6 but. There are two clear penalties here.”

‘The reality of the game is 2-2, but the two penalties were clear as day. Clear as day.

‘You can talk about whatever you want, but the reality is 2-2, they had two shots on target and two goals. We scored two goals and had two clear penalties denied.