Forest appoints Cooper as official commander.

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Forest appoints Cooper as official commander. Forest appoints Cooper as official commander.Nottingham Forest has appointed Steve Cooper as new head coach. Ready to start the team in the game this weekend immediately.

The club’s website Nottingham Forest. Confirmed the appointment of Cooper as their new head coach on Tuesday, September 21. Following Chris Hughton’s sacking last week.

Cooper started training at Nottingham Forest immediately on Tuesday morning. And will make his debut in charge in the Championship game at City Ground against Millwall on Saturday. After last weekend’s interim manager Steven Reid led the team to a win over Huddersfield 2-0 was their first win of the season.

However Cooper has an unusual profile take the England national team. The Under-17 year-old won the World Cup in 2017. Then took over at Swansea in 2019. Leading the club to two consecutive seasons of promotion play-offs. First year eliminated in the semifinals and last year lost in the final to rivals the same team. Brentford.