Hames talks Qatar team to Everton exit.

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Hames talks Qatar team to Everton exit.Hames Rodriguez Looking for a way out of Everton with the Qatar League as one of the new destinations.

Hames has not played for Everton this season. Since Rafael Benitez took charge at Goodison Park following a reinforcement of attacking midfielder Dimare Gray with Andros Townsend becoming the core of the team.

Sky Sports reports that James is in talks with the Qatari club. To assess the possibility of moving to play in the Middle East. After missing the team during the past summer trading market. Because can not reach an agreement with Porto. Their own former club in the Portuguese League.

James joined Everton in the summer of last year. It is a move to work with the old boss Carlo Ancelotti again. It is a two-year contract with no additional fees, with a third year extension. So Taffy Blue therefore hold the cards superior in calling for players from clubs that are interested.