J-League The giant falling down

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J-League The giant falling down. The 2021 J-League 1 season has progressed to 28 matches. Just 10 games remaining to close the season. There are only two teams left for the championship. Kawasaki Frontale played 27 matches with 66 points. Leading the crowd. While the runner-up Yokohama F Marions played 28 games with 65 points in the period. In the past, the team that has created a lot of color for the J-League is the rookie team Avispa Fukuoka. Who made the top teams in tears and was in dire straits.

In the last three games in the league, the team of 50-year-old coach Shigetoshi Hasebe went on to collect three wins in a row after beating Kawasaki Frontale (2020 J-League champions) ) 1-0, defeated Tokushima Vortis (J. League 2 champion season 2020) 3-0 and defeated Kashima Antler (eight-time J. League champion) 3-0, resulting in a jump in performance. Plunging into 8th place in the table, playing 28 games, 12 wins, 6 draws, 10 losses, collecting 42 points, came in 7th place like Kashima Antler, only 5 points, it turns out that this season Avis Pa Fukuoka is a team that has knocked down many of the big top teams in the past tournament programe.https://ciberatalayas.com/