Rose urged Dortmund to close the game better.

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Rose urged Dortmund to close the game better. Marco Rose, head coach of Borussia Dortmund are satisfied with the performance of the team. But stick to the fact that closing the game must be better. After allowing the opponent to have a chance both leading before 3-0.

Dortmund defeated Union Berlin 4-2 in the Bundesliga on Sunday. The team has now collected 12 points from five games just one point behind Bayern Munich and Wolfsburg.

“The team has a lot of quality. Everyone makes the right decisions naturally” Rose said after the game.

“The attacking game is good. And today we look more advanced again. But there is still a point that we want to develop further. We had the game in control a 3-0 lead and a chance to score another goal. And manage the competitors completely.

“But then we let Union come back because we were too indifferent before the penalty and let the cross come in. Then competitors become more durable and come back to the game. 

“In Episodes 3-2, It’s all about getting back together in the corner. We had to mark and prevent him from running. If we can’t do that We have to beat the ball in the air. There are many games this season and need our energy. But something that happened in this game was a waste of energy. We have to work on that part.”