The group of swans tease Fabinho penalty shoot until Mo is unemployed.

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Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Jordan Henderson, two Liverpool players, tease Fabinho that the penalty shootout is too big for this event if Mohamed Salah returns. Coming from the African Cup of Nations, team manager Jurgen Klopp probably has a headache about the assassination order.

‘ Reds ‘ put James Milner to be the number 1 killer, but because of the reserve duty, therefore gave it to the #2 hand Salah, even referred to the Egyptian national team, hunting for the Black Continent Championship, the role of the penalty shooter delivered to the hand # 3 Fabinho  

This season.

The 28 – year-old star has been in charge of such duties and has not missed both times in the FA Cup third round against Shrewsbury and the latest victim, Crystal Palace, until he has gained more credit.  

Leading to tease within the team that the engine room regularly are vying for work from the top score  

“ I think he chose to shoot the other way. Aim for some familiar angles. More than a tricky corner on the right-hand side of the goalkeeper ” Opening UFABET the mouth with ‘ LFC TV ‘

“ Even doing it in the last game. It’s a good penalty. That guy did his homework and handled everything well. ”

“ I think ‘ Millie ‘ on the sidelines knows that. Sometimes when I saw that guy change the angle of shooting, his eyes would sparkle. Even in order, it has to be you first, but when not on the field , ‘ Fab ‘ does it well. ” 

“ At this point, two free shots have been taken , becoming the person who has to go into the penalty kill point. ”

“ It will be interesting if Mo comes back. Will he be shaken to the throne of the killer #2 ? ! It’s a good competition because we need to get some expertise from him as well. ” 

The captain ,  ‘ Hendo ‘  , nudged Salah to make him even more excited than before.   

“ Mo must be unhappy that it turned out like this. He’s not here to eat it !”   

“ Fab has taken two penalties.  Plus a few  more goals, it ‘s good for that guy again to have a goal and we won in the end. ”     

Fabinho didn’t come in for a penalty shoot-out as he was at Monaco , an early assassin who hit  15  out of  15  chances .