The heartache just fell into a scab. Gundogan ignored the Champions League final.

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Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan has revealed that although he likes to watch football games for education But for the Champions League final between Liverpool – Real Madrid (28 May) I asked to pass because one team joined the league. As for the other team, they created a wound that knocked them down in the semi-finals.

Gundogan intends to take over the coaching job after hanging up his boots So today it’s taking the UEFA A – License course. Along with internships with the Academy of ‘ Blue Sailings ‘ while in his spare time, he studied the methods of playing in various modern teams.  

But with the Big Ear final at the Stade de France at the end of this month. UFABET I really can’t stand it because it’s an item that. I’ve been yearning for for 6 years under City uniforms and can only get almost without luck for a while.  

Gundogan open with ‘ Mail Online ‘

“ Just when you think about the Champions League final in Paris ? It’s always hot. ” ​​

“ Frustrated , disappointing. I don’t look at it harshly. Find something else to do that day. ”

“ The days gone by have not healed the mind at all. The story that we lost in the semifinals still haunts me to this day. ”  

“ It would have been easier to do if it wasn’t repetitive. Just tell yourself in your mind – again ? – You missed a golden opportunity to grab this trophy. ”  

“ Maybe it’s not a good idea to blame yourself too much. But in the end, you have to admit that you didn’t survive two goals in two minutes apart. ” 

“ We are not calm enough when we need it. and we lack concentration It was a mistake that terrified my own skull. ” 

Gundogan is a real no-brainer with the Champions League because he has been in two finals with City ( 2021) or Dortmund (2013) . He fell home just because of a commemorative medal.