UEFA presents plans for 32-team European Championships.

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The European Football Federation (UEFA) plans to increase the number of football teams competing in the European Championships to 32. After hearing positive comments from members.

Reports from ‘ Mail Online ‘ that. UEFA would like to add teams to eight more nations from the current 24 nations qualifying for the finals. It hopes to be able to accomplish that at Euro 2028. Which will be co-hosted by the UK and Ireland.

Previously, UEFA increased the Euro finals from 16 to 24 teams in 2016. And pushed for a European Championship final playing 32 teams from 55 member nations before the end of the decade.

However, if adding more nations UFABET to compete. The qualifier will reduce the intensity. When more than half of the member nations are eligible to compete in the tournament.

The next step is to discuss the subgroups to study the advantages. And disadvantages in case of adding a nation to compete. This project has been supported by superpowers.

There may also be a change in the frequency of tournaments from every 4 years to 6 years , the number of games in tournaments or new formats to try out.  

Incidentally, there is an opinion from the British Professional Footballers’ Association that the Euro 32 nations final will deteriorate the quality of the tournament. Affects both the players and the fans themselves.