Doctors confirm that avoiding bad “breakfast” is bad for your health.

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Doctors confirm that avoiding bad “breakfast” is bad for your health.

It has been talked about for a long time that “breakfast” is the most important meal of the day. But this may not always be the case. If it is breakfast that is not good for the body, when Dr. Nantaphon Phongrattanaman, advisor Department of Vascular Surgery Phramongkutklao Hospital or Dr. Top provides information on how to abstain from bad breakfast for 14 days may have unexpected benefits on the body.

First of all, it is said that In foreign countries there is a campaign to eat breakfast. with support from big capitalists who are breakfast manufacturers (West Coast) such as cereals, corn flakes, and various sugar-coated snacks. This caused a wave of awareness that we had to eat “breakfast” throughout the world. But the recommended breakfast at that time was a food that contained only carbohydrates such as starch and sugar that came from ready-made breakfast. Which may not be a good choice.

However, this does not mean that “Don’t eat breakfast” means it’s better to refrain from eating a breakfast that only contains flour and sugar. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Advantages of skipping breakfast that are not good for the body

  • weight decreased

There is a misconception that skipping will make you fat. Because you will eat more in the evening instead. But actually, when we ski. It will be like extending the time to do IF to be longer, at least 12-16 hours. During this time, the body will draw energy from fat to burn. The metabolic system will work as a hybrid system. Finished burning sugar It will continue to burn energy from fat. It can make you thinner. Insulin levels will be lower. Not changing up and down too much, not very hungry, resulting in weight loss

  • Not often hungry

Frequent consumption of sugar It will make you feel like you are addicted to drugs. Constantly craving sweet things. When you skip breakfast filled with starches and sugar for about 2 weeks, you will begin to “crave sugar” because of the hormone ghrelin. (Hunger hormones) will be greatly reduced.

The brain is alert and can work efficiently.

There may be people who believe that Skipping makes you have no energy to work. The brain is not refreshed. or not having the energy to think, which is actually skipping Makes the brain sharp and alert because the body will burn fat in the liver until it becomes “ketone substances” which are pure energy to feed the brain all the time. This energy will not have any residue in the body, unlike the metabolism of sugar. which is like burning coal with residue remaining are various illnesses

Therefore, fasting is similar to doing IF during. It will make the brain have energy from burning fat to raise all the time. Keeps the brain awake all the time. Can also help reduce Alzheimer’s.

Reduce the risk of diabetes , high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Refraining from eating breakfast that contains only flour and sugar. It will help reduce various illnesses. That includes reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high fat. Because it keeps insulin levels in the body at an appropriate level at all times.

In summary, eating breakfast can still be done if you choose to eat nutritious food, emphasizing all 5 food groups. You should not choose to eat ready-made that only has high amounts of flour and sugar. Also, don’t forget to exercise regularly. and get enough sleep as well