5 good benefits from “Yanang” skin detox-reduces blood sugar

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5 good benefits from “Yanang” skin detox-reduces blood sugar

Who likes to eat bamboo shoots? You may often hear the word “Yanang”. Because it is a plant that is boiled together with bamboo shoots. To make it taste bitter of bamboo shoots has decreased The boiled water came out green. It may not look very appetizing. But I assure you that there are many benefits that you might not expect. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com

What is Yanang?

Yanang is a plant whose leaves use for cooking. Most are local food. It is often boile with bitter foods. To reduce the bitter taste. In addition to reducing bitterness. There are also many nutrients that are beneficial to the body.

Benefits of Yanang

1. High in vitamins A and C, helping to nourish eyesight and teeth, and prevent colds very well.

2. Has a cooling effect, helps extinguish toxins and reduces fever.

3. Boiled water with leaves or cold pressed juice (May mix with pandanus leaves) can help reduce blood sugar levels. Suitable for people with diabetes.

4. Contains antioxidants Helps the skin to be firm and firm. and can prevent cancer

5. Helps reduce asthma symptoms of people with allergies Helps you breathe more easily.

Although Yanang has benefits that make many people want to try it. But those with cold elements or low blood pressure, anemia, and easy fatigue Shouldn’t be eaten for a long time. Because it will make the blood more anemic and more fatigued.