Tottenham Hotspur Lucas Moura admits that the past been hard work

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Tottenham Hotspur attacking midfielder Lucas Moura admits that the past games have been hard work for the team. But believe that the team deserves to win.

Tottenham Hotspur open house beat Vitesse 3-2 in the Conference League Group G battle on Thursday past. There were three red cards in that match, one for the home team and two for the away team, with the London club now taking 7 points from four matches.

“It was a very difficult game. We started very well with three goals and very high intensity. But after conceding two goals from our mistake and put yourself in trouble The game has become harder than ever.

“They have quality and if you let them have the space then it will be difficult. But we fought well and were strong, not leaving them space.

“It was even harder after getting a red card. But we must know how to be patient and fight together. I think we did well, there were a lot of things to improve but we deserved to win.

“It’s always difficult to come up with a new philosophy after a few days and only two sessions with Antonio Conte. But I think we showed something new and did a really good job.”